I work from a Humanistic psychotherapeutic perspective. This means you will not be labelled with a condition or a diagnosis, and you will not be viewed as just a set of symptoms. Instead, you will be viewed as a whole person and will be provided with a unique space where you will be heard and given the time to explore what it is that has brought you to Realise Counselling.


No more labels

a new way to live

Although broad and multi-faceted, Humanistic counselling puts an emphasis on personal choice, responsibility and freedom. It rests on a premise that despite the negative, painful and unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours we experience, underneath it all we do have the capacity to change and grow. Unhelpful patterns when explored in a Humanistic way can be realised as understandable reactions to our earlier life situations and, at some point in our lives, were even helpful and useful coping strategies.

Through the counselling process we can start to explore and examine these aspects of ourselves that we still carry with us and start to make choices around whether we want to continue living with them, or, instead start to make different choices that might be more helpful, useful and less harmful.

My commitment will be to offer you support, companionship, care, honesty, authenticity and professionalism.